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The Medical Assurance Company is investigating the cost of a routine office visit to family-practice physicians in the Rochester, New York, area. The following is a list of 39 family-practice physicians in the region. Physicians are to be randomly selected and contacted regarding their charges. The 39 physicians have been coded from 00 to 38. Also noted is whether they are in practice by themselves (S), have a partner (P), or are in a group practice (G).  a. The random numbers obtained from Appendix B.4 are 31, 94, 43, 36, 03, 24, 17, and 09. Which physicians should be contacted? b. Select a random sample of four physicians using the random numbers of Appendix B.4. c. A sample is to consist of every fifth physician. The number 04 is selected as the starting point. Which physicians will be contacted? d. A sample is to consist of two physicians in solo practice (S), two in partnership (P), and one in group practice (G). Select a sample accordingly. Explain yourprocedure.

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