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The following is a list of 29 hospitals in the Cincinnati (Ohio) and Northern Kentucky region. The hospitals are identified by numbering them 00 through 28. Also included is whether the hospital is a general medical/surgical hospital (M/S) or a specialty hospital (S). We are interested in estimating the average number of full- and part-time nurses employed in the area hospitals. a. A sample of five hospitals is to be randomly selected. The random numbers are 09, 16, 00, 49, 54, 12, and 04. Which hospitals are included in the sample? b. Use a table of random numbers to develop your own sample of five hospitals.  c. A sample is to consist of every fifth location. We select 02 as the starting point. Which hospitals will be included in the sample? d. A sample is to consist of four medical and surgical hospitals and one specialty hospital. Select an appropriatesample.


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