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The distributor of the Wapakoneta Daily News, a regional newspaper serving western Ohio, is considering three types of dispensing machines or “racks.” Management wants to know if the different machines affect sales. These racks are designated as J-1000, D-320, and UV-57. Management also wants to know if the placement of the racks either inside or outside supermarkets affects sales. Each of six similar stores was randomly assigned a machine and location combination. The data below are the number of papers sold over four days.  a. Draw the interaction graph. Based on your observations, is there an interaction effect? Based on the graph, describe the interaction effect of machine and position. b. Compute an ANOVA with statistical software, and use the 0.05 level to test for position, machine, and interaction effects on sales. Report the statistical results. c. Compare the inside and outside mean sales for each machine using statistical techniques. What do youconclude?

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