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Speedy Swift is a package delivery service that serves the greater Atlanta, Georgia, metropolitan area. To maintain customer loyalty, one of Speedy Swift’s performance objectives is on-time delivery. To monitor its performance, each delivery is measured on the following scale: early (package delivered before the promised time), on-time (package delivered within 5 minutes of the promised time), late (package delivered more than 5 minutes past the promised time), lost (package never delivered). Speedy Swift’s objective is to deliver 99% of all packages either early or on-time. Another objective is to never lose a package. Speedy collected the following data for last month’s performance:  a. What scale is used to measure delivery performance? What kind of variable is delivery performance? b. Construct a frequency table for delivery performance for last month. c. Construct a relative frequency table for delivery performance last month. d. Construct a bar chart of the frequency table for delivery performance for last month. e. Construct a pie chart of on-time delivery performance for last month. f. Analyze the data summaries and write an evaluation of last month’s delivery performance as it relates to Speedy Swift’s performance objectives. Write a general recommendation for furtheranalysis.

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