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Refer to the Baseball 2012 data that report information on the 30 Major League Baseball teams for the 2012 season. a. In the data set, the variable, built, is the year that a stadium was constructed. Using this variable, create a new variable, age, by subtracting the value of the variable, built, from the current year for each team. Develop a box plot with the new variable, age. Are there any outliers? If so, which of the stadiums are outliers? b. Using the variable, payroll, create a box plot. Are there any outliers? Compute the quartiles using formula (4–1). How does the New York Yankees’ payroll compare to other team payrolls? Write a brief summary of your analysis. c. Draw a scatter diagram with the variable, wins, on the vertical axis and payroll on the horizontal axis. What are your conclusions?

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