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Mysti Farris (see Problem 1-20) is considering raising the selling price of each cue to $50 instead of $ 40. If this is done while the costs remain the same, what would the new break-even point be? What would the total revenue be at this break-even point? In Problem 1-20, Farris Billiard Supply sells all types of billiard equipment, and is considering manufacturing their own brand of pool cues. Mysti Farris, the production manager, is currently investigating the production of a standard house pool cue that should be very popular. Upon analyzing the costs, Mysti determines that the materials and labor cost for each cue is $ 25, and the fixed cost that must be covered is $ 2,400 per week. With a selling price of $ 40 each, how many pool cues must be sold to break even?

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