Statement of a problem № m571


In the manufacturing of a chemical adhesive, 3% of all batches have raw materials from two different lots. This occurs when holding tanks are replenished and the remaining portion of a lot is insufficient to fill the tanks. Only 5% of batches with material from a single lot require reprocessing. However, the viscosity of batches consisting of two or more lots of material is more difficult to control, and 40% of such batches require additional processing to achieve the required viscosity. Let A denote the event that a batch is formed from two different lots, and let B denote the event that a lot requires additional processing. Determine the following probabilities: (a) P (A) (b) P (A’) (c) P (B|A) (d) P (B|A’) (e) P (A ∩ B) (f) p (A ∩ B’) (g) P (B)


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