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In Problem 6-20 you helped Lila Battle determine the optimal order quantity for number 6 screws. She had estimated that the ordering cost was $ 10 per order. At this time, though, she believes that this estimate was too low. Although she does not know the exact ordering cost, she believes that it could be as high as $ 40 per order. How would the optimal order quantity change if the ordering cost were $ 20, $ 30, and $ 40? In Problem 6-20, Lila Battle has determined that the annual demand for number 6 screws is 100,000 screws. Lila, who works in her brother’s hardware store, is in charge of purchasing. She estimates that it costs $ 10 every time an order is placed. This cost includes her wages, the cost of the forms used in placing the order, and so on. Furthermore, she estimates that the cost of carrying one screw in inventory for a year is one- half of 1 cent. Assume that the demand is constant throughout the year.

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