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Consider the situation described in Example 12.5.8. In addition to the 11 groundwater sources, there are 13 observations taken from surface water sources in Ohio. Of the 13 surface water measurements, only one was censored. The 12 uncensored surface water arsenic concentrations from Ohio are 1.93, 0.99, 2.21, 2.29, 1.15, 1.81, 2.26, 3.10, 1.18, 1.00, 2.67, 2.15. a. Fit the same model as described in Example 12.5.8, and predict a logarithm of surface water concentration for each iteration of the Markov chain. b. Compare a histogram of your predicted measurements to the histogram of the underground well predictions in Fig. 12.10. Describe the main differences. c. Estimate the median of the distribution of predicted surface water arsenic concentration and compare it to the median of the distribution of predicted groundwater concentration.

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