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Can you tell how old a lobster is by its size? This question was investigated by the authors of a paper that appeared in the Biological Bulletin (August 2007). Researchers measured carapace (the exterior shell) length of 27 laboratory raised lobsters of known age. The data on x = carapace length (in mm) and y = age (in years) in the following table were read from a graph that appeared in the paper. a. Construct a scatterplot of these data, and then find the equation of the least squares regression line that describes the relationship between y = age and x = carapace length. Describe how age varies with carapace length. b. Using computer software or a graphing calculator, construct a residual plot. Are there any features of the residual plot that indicate that the relationship between age and carapace length would be better described by a curve rather than a line? Explain.

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