Statement of a problem № m40837


Brewer’s (1963, 1975) procedure for without-replacement unequal probability sampling. For a sample of size n = 2, let πi be the desired probability of inclusion for psu i, with the usual constraint that And Draw the first psu with probability ai /ƩNk =1 ak of selecting psu i. Supposing psu i is selected at the first draw, select the second psu from the remaining N − 1 psus with probabilities ψj / (1 − ψi). a. Show that b. Show that P (psu i selected in sample) = πi. c. The SYG estimator of V (ṫHT) for one-stage sampling is given in (6.23). Show that πiπj − πij ≥ 0 for Brewer’s method, so that the SYG estimator of the variance is always nonnegative.

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