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Bart and Earnst (2002) describe the use of two-phase sampling with ratio estimation to estimate the density of nesting birds. The phase I sample, selected from the 2130 plots in the region of interest, is conducted using a rapid search method involving bird sightings to obtain an approximate count of birds in each phase I plot. Then, subsamples of 12 of the phase I sample plots are surveyed using an intensive method to obtain a more accurate count of the number of nests in each plot. In the intensive method, a surveyor visits a plot for several hours over a period of days and searches for nests and other indications of territorial males in the plot. In this setting, xi =number of nests counted in plot i using the rapid method, and yi =number of nests counted in plot I using the intensive method. Using the data in file shorebirds.dat, which were generated using summary statistics from Bart and Earnst (2002), estimate the total number of nests using the two-phase ratio estimator. Give the standard error of your estimate.

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