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Bardi Trucking Co., located in Cleveland, Ohio, makes deliveries in the Great Lakes region, the Southeast, and the Northeast. Jim Bardi, the president, is studying the relationship between the distance a shipment must travel and the length of time, in days, it takes the shipment to arrive at its destination. To investigate, Mr. Bardi selected a random sample of 20 shipments made last month. Shipping distance is the independent variable and shipping time is the dependent variable. The results are as follows:  a. Draw a scatter diagram. Based on these data, does it appear that there is a relationship between how many miles a shipment has to go and the time it takes to arrive at its destination? b. Determine the correlation coefficient. Can we conclude that there is a positive correlation between distance and time? Use the .05 significance level. c. Determine and interpret the coefficient of determination. d. Determine the standard error of estimate. e. Would you recommend using the regression equation to predict shipping time? Why or whynot.

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