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Assume that Dorothy assigns you to help her with this forecasting problem. Write a report that recommends a course of action. Keep in mind that Marv must develop forecasts for the number of clients seen that are as accurate as possible and that he can use in the everyday decision making for the organization. Be specific about what you are recommending to Dorothy and Marv. Remember to consider the issues discussed in this chapter, such as cost. The Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC) operation was described in Cases 1-2 and 3-3. The executive director, Marv Harnishfeger, concluded that the most important variable that CCC needed to forecast was the number of new clients that would be seen for the rest of 1993. Marv provided Dorothy Mercer with monthly data for the number of new clients seen by CCC for the period from January 1985 through March 1993 (see Case 3-3).

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