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As a rule, Stacey Fredrick preferred to work in the field rather than do “office” work in her capacity as a midlevel manager with Hudson Valley Apples, Inc., a large grower and processor of apples in the state of New York. However, after just leaving a staff meeting at which she was asked to prepare a report of apple consumption in the United States, Stacey was actually looking forward to spend-ing some time at her computer “crunching some numbers.” Arden Golchein, senior marketing manager, indicated that he would e-mail her a data file that contained apple consumption data from 1970 through 2009 and told her that he wanted a very nice report using graphs, charts, and tables to describe apple consumption. Required Tasks: 1. Construct a line chart showing the total annual availability of apples. 2. Construct one line chart that shows two things: the annual availability of fresh apples and the annual availability of processed apples. 3. Construct a line chart that shows the annual availability for each type of processed apples. 4. Construct a histogram for the total annual availability of apples. 5. Write a short report that discusses the historical pattern of apple availability. The report will include all pertinent charts and graphs.

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