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An article on the website written by Louis LaPoint discusses a product called acetone. The article stated that “Acetone 1 CH 3 COCH 3 2 is a product that can be purchased inexpensively in most locations around the world, such as in common hardware, auto parts, or drug stores. Added to the fuel tank in tiny amounts, acetone aids in the vaporization of the gasoline or diesel, increasing fuel efficiency, engine longevity, and performance—as well as reducing hydrocarbon emissions.” To test whether this product actually does increase fuel efficiency in passenger cars, a consumer group has randomly selected 10 people to participate in the study. The following procedure is used: 1. People are to bring their cars into a specified gasoline station and have the car filled with regular, unleaded gasoline at a particular pump. Nothing extra is added to the gasoline at this fill-up. The car’s odometer is recorded at the time of fill-up. 2. When the tank is nearly empty, the person is to bring the car to the same gasoline station and pump and have it refilled with gasoline. The odometer is read again and the miles per gallon are recorded. This time, a prescribed quantity of acetone is added to the fuel. 3. When the tank is nearly empty, the person is to bring the car back to the same station and pump to have it filled. The miles per gallon will be recorded. Each person is provided with free tanks of gasoline and asked to drive his or her car normally. The foll

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