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AConstruct a population with 20 strata. Each stratum has 8 psus and each psu has 3 secondary sampling units (ssus), so that the population has a total of 480 ssus. Observation j of psu i in stratum h has yhij = h, for h = 1, . . . , 20, so that all observations in stratum 1 have the value 1, all observations in stratum 2 have the value 2, and so on. Within each stratum, all observations in psus 1–4 are in domain 1, and all observations in psus 5–8 are in domain 2. - Select a one-stage stratified sample from the population by selecting an SRS of two psus from each stratum and including all ssus within the selected psus in the sample. Your sample should have 120 observations. Estimate the population mean for each domain along with its standard error. - Repeat (a) for a second stratified sample, selected independently (i.e., use a different random seed). Compare the domain means from this sample with those from (a). Do the domain means vary from sample to sample? - Now create a new data set for your sample in (a) that consists only of observations in domain 1, by deleting all the observations in domain 2. What is the estimated domain mean from this data set? What is the standard error using this data set, and why is it incorrect?

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