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A small private midwestern university has been accused of favoring male applicants in its admissions process. Prior to the current academic year, 44% of male applicants were admitted by the university while only 33% of female applicants were admitted. The numbers of applicants accepted and denied for each gender are provided in the following table for the College of Engineering and the College of Business.  a. Combine these two crosstabulations into a single crosstabulation, with Accept and Deny as the row labels and Male and Female as the column labels. Use these data to confirm the reported rates of acceptance across the university by gender (44% of male applicants were admitted and 33% of female applicants were admitted). b. Refer to the initial crosstabulations. What are your conclusions about the possible gender bias in the admission process? Is this consistent with the conclusions you reach when assessing the aggregated data in part (a) of thisquestion?

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