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A painting process consists of two stages. In the first stage, the paint is applied, and in the second stage, a protective coat is added. Let X be the time spent on the first stage, and let Y be the time spent on the second stage. The first stage involves an inspection. If the paint fails the inspection, one must wait three minutes and apply the paint again. After a second application, there is no further inspection. The joint p.d.f. of X and Y is a. Sketch the region where f (x, y) > 0. It is not exactly a rectangle. b. Find the marginal p.d.f.’s of X and Y. c. Show that X and Y are independent. This problem does not contradict Theorem 3.5.6. In that theorem the conditions, including that the set where f (x, y) > 0 be rectangular, are sufficient but not necessary.

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