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A Harris survey asked, in part, what the most important reason was that people give for not using a wireless phone exclusively. The responses were: (1) Like the safety of traditional phone, (2) Need line for Internet access, (3) Pricing not attractive enough, (4) Weak or unreliable cell signal at home, (5) Coverage not good enough, and (6) Other. The file titled Wireless contains the responses for the 1,088 respondents. a. Of those respondents 36 or older, determine the probability that an individual in this age group would not use a wireless phone exclusively because of some type of difficulty in placing and receiving calls with a wireless phone. b. If three respondents were selected at random from those respondents younger than 36, calculate the probability that at least one of the respondents stated the most important reason for not using a wireless exclusively was that they need a line for Internet access.

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