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1. Develop a flight operations map that still serves each of the nine cities, but maximizes the company’s profit per passenger. 2. Comment on how the 16 jets should be assigned. Northeastern Airlines is a regional airline serving nine cities in the New England states as well as cities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. While nonstop flights are available for some of the routes, connecting flights are often necessary. Northeastern Airlines Service Area  The network shows the cities served and profit in U.S. dollars per passenger along each of these routes. The routes from ­Boston-to-Providence and from Providence-to-Boston make only $ 9 per passenger profit after all expenses. To service these cities, Northeastern operates a fleet of sixteen 122-passenger Embraer E-195 jets. These jets, which were first introduced by Embraer in late 2004, have helped Northeastern Airlines remain profitable for a number of years. However, in recent years, the profit margins have been falling, and Northeastern is facing the prospect of downsizing their operations. Management at Northeastern Airlines has considered several options to reduce cost and increase profitability. Due to Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the company must continue to serve each of the nine cities. How they serve these cities, however, is up to the management at Northeastern. One suggestion has been made to provide fewer direct flights, which would mean that a city served by Northeastern migh

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